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"I am pretty obsessed with hydrolyzed collagen products! I usually get the regular collagen peptides.

Here are the benefits I’m reaping from this amazing product:

1. My skin is super clear & glowing.
2. My hair has been growing fast and healthy!
3. I am also able to maintain my lean weight effortlessly."


"Jujube is a very effective Chinese drug, actions:

Nourishes Liver Blood
Nourishes the Heart
Calms the Shen
Clears Heat in Liver and Heart
Eliminates irritability
It's help me with hyperthyroidism"


"I started using goji berries for energy and I have to say, it works! Right away I felt a boost of energy that carried me throughout the day. Recommended especially because it comes from an all natural source."


"I started mixing aloe Vera powder and added it to my henna gloss and henna strengthening tea. I’ve seen a difference with my hair being more softer and shinier. I use to use aloe Vera juice and rose water and had to refrigerate my home made hair products but now I don’t have to with these powders! The aloe Vera juice would make my scalp dry and itch like crazy!"


"Health benefits of resveratrol are protecting the endothelial lining of your arteries—so blood flows as it should. Reducing oxidative stress, which prevents premature aging of cells. Blocking the production of nf kappa b, a powerful, noxious inflammatory agent.

Cellular support that improves mental function, and promotes oral/dental health.

Cancer suppression by preventing cancer cell replication and enhancing cancer cell death in a variety of laboratory cell culture studies. Muscle health, by reducing muscle wasting associated with diabetes and cancer."


"I will start by saying that I have done quite a bit of researching and reading on the benefits of a ketogenic diet. After reading the literature I was completely sold so I took the plunge to give up non-fibrous carbs and up my fats considerably. It has been about 3 months and I would still struggle with keeping my ketone levels within the nutritional ketosis range. Until I discovered coconut oil powder. This helps me maintain my blood ketone level above .5mml (Nutritional ketosis). Using the powdered form of coconut oil, and the tummy issues have completely gone away and it helps to keep me in ketosis! I followed the recommended dosage and slowly moved up to 2- 3 tablespoon a day and I feel incredible! Highly recommend!"


"Celery seed extract is some Great stuff. Lowered BP, kicked my gout flare-ups in the butt. Noticed something that was a pleasant surprise. Not getting attacked at night by mosquitoes. Did some research as to why mosquitoes are attracted to some people and not others. Found that high uric acid in the blood is an attractant. So, lower uric acid, less mosquitoes sucking on you."